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Although you may understand the facts about tanning, there’s a good chance that your friends and family don’t. Most likely, you’ve heard a lot of disturbing comments from them about tanning. Here are a few common misconceptions about Tanning.



Q: Is there such a thing as a safe tan?
Q: Does tanning cause skin cancer?
Q: Why do I always hear that tanning is not healthy?
Q: Why do my hands, face and/or legs not tan as well as the rest of my body?
Q: Can someone who has a tattoo, scars from burns or incisions tan indoors? Should special attention be given to these areas, where skin is more sensitive?
Q: What causes white spots?
Q: I have reached a tanning plateau. How can I break through it?
Q: Can ringworm be contracted from a tanning bed?
Q: How do medications alter the tanning process? Which types of medicines should I avoid while tanning?
Q: What causes tanning rashes?
Q: How often can I tan?
Q: Can outdoor tanning lotions be used with indoor tanning equipment?



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