Have Embarassing Blemishes? Tan!

Tanning will not only make you look and feel better with beautiful bronzed skin, it will also conceal your blemishes. If you have scars, acne or stretch marks they become drastically less noticeable on tanned skin. Blemishes stand out on pale skin with high contrast to the redness of blemishes, but a tan can easily hide these.

Many people have uneven skin tones from conditions like Rosacea. When your tan you don’t have to worry about uneven skin tones as tanning evens it out.

With warm weather on the way many people are focused on their skin. A responsible tanner can get a base tan that protects the skin from burning. Burnt skin not only looks unsightly with red, flaky patches, but it also interferes with the way beauty protects and makeup look on your face. Maintaining a healthy base tan will prevent sunburn along with its unattractive counterparts.

Tanning not only looks incredible, but it also works as a great natural concealer and foundation.