Sunbanque Tanning Salon offers a variety of high performance luxury tanning options. These include multiple levels of tanning beds, a stand-up sun capsule, and VersaSpa sunless spray-tan.

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PC Tan Tropical Sunbeds

These beds are high quality basic tanning beds with strengths ranging from 4000-6000 watts. Maximum tanning time is 12-15 minutes.

Level 1 beds are 8 points per visit with our points package system.


PC Tan Silver Bullet

The Level 2 tanning beds are larger and more comfortable with watts ranging from 10,000-12,000.These beds feature extreme “No Burn” facial tanning power with adjustable intensities, built in air conditioner, and other special features.

Level 2 beds use 16 points through our points packages. One session with a Level 2 bed will give you the color results of two Level 1 tanning sessions.


PC Tan I-Bed

These beds are a step up from Level 2, with more tanning watts. The Level 3 tanning beds feature a mix of VHR and high intensity “No Burn” bulbs throughout, along with a misty breeze at the push of a button. These beds offer a built in air conditioner and many other special features.

The Level 3 tanning beds use 24 points on our points package system.


PC Tan Non Claustrophobic Sunboard

The Level 4 beds are the most powerful tanning beds available. These beds have 14,000-24,000 watts that will give you instant color due to the “No Burn” high intensity bulbs, which greatly reduce the likelihood of a sunburn. The Level 4 bed also offers a non-claustrophobic tanning lounge along with other special features.

One session in a Level 4 bed is equal to 3 or 4 sessions in a Level 1 bed. This bed uses 32 points on the Sunbanque points system and is the best bed to use if you are looking to tan quickly.


Suncapsule Stand-Up

The Suncapsule Stand-Up tanning both has a maximum time of just 7 minutes! It holds incredible tanning power with 54 high wattage VHR lamps and 12,000 watts.

This booth uses 14 points on the points package system. This booth will allow you to see immediate color results.


Versa Spa Auto Spray Tan Booth

This option offers UV Free instant spray on tanning! VersaSpa is an innovative new booth that bronzes, hydrates, and smoothes fine lines, in one session. Using Comfort-Dry technology and EZ-2Breathe purification system, this booth mists a safe, harmless spray on your body producing a gorgeous, natural looking tan. 3 color tones to choose from! No streaking or orange color! uses 100% Vegan Norvell Solution which is Gluten Free, Nut Allergen Free, and Paraben Free! Produces an Amazing "Off The Beach" Tan i n one session!

VersaSpa Spray-Tan uses 40 points on our points system.

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