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 Skinny Wrap  Take Home Info!

  1. Skinny wraps are an herbally infused cloth that detoxifies fat cells which results in a noticeable toning, tightening, firming of skin and inch loss.  They also reduce unsightly fat, cellulite & the appearance of stretch marks!
  2. How do they work? The formula in the Ultimate Applicator works in 4 ways: -Lipolysis -Detoxification -Microcirculation -Anti-inflaming.  You can wrap: TUMMY, BACK, FACE, LEG,S ARMS,  CHIN/NECK
  3. Immediate, long-lasting results.  Successful for both Men & Women.  Site Specific Detox.  Typical results: Lose 1-3 total inches in 60 min!!
  4. As long as you maintain a sensible/reasonable diet, the results will last.
  5. 1 treatment is 4 wraps (1 wrap every 72 hours) $25 for your first wrap, $30 thereafter or $99 for a box of 4 (4 wraps is 1 treatment)
  6. Wraps stay on for a MINIMUM of 60 minutes (longer is better and overnight is best)
  7. Wraps are a take home product and we highly recommend that you measure and take before and after pics in order to truly see the results!
  8. 80% of people see results after 1 wrap, 99% see results after 4 wraps!
  9. Drink AT LEAST half your body weight in OUNCES of water over the 72 hour period between wraps (after you take the wrap off), MORE WATER IS BETTER to flush out toxins and watch the inches disappear like crazy! The more you drink, the more you shrink!
  10. The best results have been gotten by those who use the DEFINING GEL between wraps.  We have small $10 sizes or a tube for $75
  11.  The defining gel has the same ingredients as the wraps but less concentrated so when you use it between wraps it keeps the process going!  We highly recommend using Defining Gel between wraps!



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