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Ages 16-20

Excellent service.

The way it makes me feel better about myself and it’s so relaxing!

A golden beautiful tan throughout the winter! And great service:)

Great tan and convenience. Good customer service.

Ages 21-30

For me the greatest thing about tanning is the confidence I get and feel after leaving. No better way to stop feeling depressed and miserable than to get a lil color in your face! =) Christina

Sunbanque provides a fast, efficient, and clean environment to tan. I never have to wait for a bed they are always clean and ready to go!

The greatest benefit Sunbanque has provided me is helping me get through my depression in the winter don’t know what I would do without it:)

Sunbanque helps clear my skin from psoriasis as well as acne breakouts. It gives my skin a smooth feeling and a healthy glow. I love the benefits if tanning and there is no better place tanning place than Sunbanque, they have the best staff and the best option in beds….

Ages 31-40

Sunbanque allows me to take a little time every day for me. It is 12 minutes a day that I am not just mommy. Plus the obvious relaxation…..

The thing that I benefit most from Sunbanque is that it gives my skin a healthy glow and keeps it acne free………..

The greatest benefit has been a great tan and the opportunity for relaxation…………

Ages 41-50

Having color makes me feel better and it is relaxing.

COLOR!! Yay for this Irish/English skin!

Great tan, Excellent service.

A great tan with great people!

Ages 50+

No burning at the beach, great base. Also very relaxing and stress relieving:)…

A great base for my yearly trip to Jamaica mon!…

I am very fair skinned and burn very easily.  I love the summer time and we
have two boats that we LOVE – love the ocean, love the beach, and since we
don’t have much money, it’s our “vacation” time when we go “down river.”  It
reviatlizes us and takes away all the stress and the ocean is our sanctuary.
The reason I use tanning beds is because I need to build up a base color
slowly and safely so that I can enjoy the summer sun without having to keep
putting on a ton of sun block and keep covered up.  At my age I have to be
more careful than I used to be and I believe the tanning beds help me to
achieve this.  And I specifically come to the Gloucester Sunbanque (I live
in Essex) because your staff are all SO NICE and SO PLEASANT and HELPFUL!!!
I especially enjoy the little girl who is there early on Monday mornings.
She’s a sweetie.  So thank you very much for helping me to enjoy my summers!
~~~Donna Dodge~~~

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