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Keri loves the new P-90 mattress tanning bed in Gloucester

Professional Teeth Whitening demonstrationGuaranteed 2-8 shades WHITER in just one 20-30 minute session!

Versa Spa SUNLESS Airbrush Tan Booth demonstrationImmediate color! Look like you just came back from the islands after just 1 session!

Tanning PREVENTS cancer? Wcia news story about several doctors and over 3000 research studies showing how moderate tanning increases Vitamin D production and thus prevents many cancers.

Goodbye cancer, Hello Sunshine

How increased Sun exposure could save millions of lives each year

Are tanning beds really as dangerous as arsenic and mustard gas!!??

Dr Joseph Mercola breaks down the shockingly crazy report by the World Health Organization that tanning causes cancer. Dr. Mercola…”Moderate exposure to the sun or a tanning bed can reduce our risk for all types of cancer by 50-60%!!” THIS IS A MUST SEE VIDEO!

Sensible tanning is just common sense!

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