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Last UV tan is taken 15 minutes before close and last Spray Tan is taken 30 minutes before close

Sunbanque Tanning Salon provides a large selection of high quality tanning accelerator lotions at each tanning salon location.

We carry Australian Gold, Supre, Swedish Beauty, Devoted Creations, Designer Skin, Emerald Bay, Hempz, and Ed Hardy. If we do not carry a lotion that you's like, as long as our distributor offers it, we will order it!

These specially formulated lotions keep skin moist while tanning and provide key nutrients and antioxidants that are crucial for your body to produce melanin, the brown pigment known as a tan. The more of these nutrients there are available the darker your skin will become.

Using any one of the quality tanning lotions Sunbanque offers will result in a darker tan in less time.

Sunbanque also offers a Sunbanque brand of tanning accelerator lotions which are much more concentrated and have an aloe vera base, unlike many other water-based brands.

These tanning lotions cannot be bought at your local drugstores. Be sure to use a tanning accelerator lotion every time you tan because tanning without a lotion is like taking a shower without soap…they really do work!

Ask us for help today in choosing a lotion that is right or you: Email us or call (978)-281-4442.

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