Expert Advice – During Tanning

To have a great overall experience when you tan, it's important to take a few steps before, during and after the process. For your tanning session to go well, keep these tips in mind when you go to Pro-Tan:

  • Decide Whether to Tan Nude – You will have a private room when tanning, and whether or not you remove all of your clothes is up to you. Many people remove their clothes to avoid tan lines. However, if you do, remember certain areas of your body haven’t been in the sun for some time. As a result, those areas might redden, instead of tanning. One thing you can do is to only expose those areas of your body to the lamps for part of your tanning session. You can lay a towel over these areas of your body – some of the UV rays will still shine through.
  • Apply Lotion – Tanning lotion works best when it’s put on immediately before your session. However, don’t use outdoor tanning lotion, as it can severely harm your tan. Instead, talk to one of our consultants to get a recommendation on an indoor tanning lotion.
  • Wear Goggles – State and federal laws require you to wear goggles, as UV rays can penetrate through your eyelids without them, causing damage to your eyes. Ask one of our consultants for recommendations on purchasing a pair.
  • Plan on staying about 15 minutes – If you’re a new member, you’ll have to stay a little longer to fill out a small amount of paperwork. The entire time you’ll be in our spa is somewhere around 10-20 minutes, depending on your tanning goals and approach.
  • Don’t Flip – Our tanning beds tan all sides of you at once – don’t worry about flipping during the process. You might want to move your arms from your sides to over your head to get a tan on your underarm areas.
  • But do Raise Your Arms – While our tanning beds tan you evenly on all sides, you still have to raise your arms to get your underarms tanned.
  • Relax and enjoy the tan! – You did remember a large part of the reason you are tanning is to do something nice for yourself, didn’t you? If this is the only break you get during the week, then make sure you make it as refreshing of an experience as possible.